Wi-Fi for car rental

Use Anytime

Connect All Your Devices

Pay As You Go


Use all your devices, pay zero data roaming.

Check the map, book a hotel, send an e-mail. All from your car seat.


Provide better service, increase your revenue.

Wireless internet for your whole fleet. Flexible conditions, zero hassle.

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Being stuck offline makes life difficult for car renters. Access to travel information, online maps, mobility services – all gone when they are most needed.

Many car rental companies provide portable Wi-Fi devices as an extra service. But with all the paperwork and costs at car pickup, almost all customers say no to Internet. And regret it later.


Rent A Net is a Wi-Fi access point built into the car. It is ready to be used anytime during the rental period and lets all passengers' devices connect to the Internet.

Internet access is activated by car passengers themselves, with both immediate and postponed payment options. For car rental companies, this self-service concept means more revenue at zero sales effort.


Rent A Net works with high-quality communication equipment and reliable local mobile service providers to deliver the best Wi-Fi on-the-go experience.

Internet access activation is quick and simple. It is done via a web interface using any device such as phone or computer. Payments can be processed by both Rent A Net or partner car rental companies.

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